One of the modernistic apartment complexes in the world.

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1937. Kun første etape er opført.
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Klintegaarden is an apartment complex in Aarhus, the 2nd largest town in Denmark. It was built in 1936 – 1938 and it was projected by Hans Ove Christensen. He was also the man behind a number of other functionalistic buildings in Aarhus.

The philosophy behind Klintegaarden was that the families were to share a lot of facilities. In a villa in the middle of the complex was a café, laundrette and a big kitchen where the tenants had lunch together. There even was a collective service that took care of the cleaning of the apartments. Most of these collective functions where later scrapped. The villa is in a more classic style and it is only partly visible in these pictures (click at "Fotoalbum" as well).

The building has a terrific overview of the harbour and the water and is, in my view, one of the most impressive buildings in my home town, Aarhus.


Per Ryolf.

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